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Palm trees have a different nutrient requirement to many indigenous plants and are ‘hungry plants’. Yellowing of the plant is usually attributable to nutrient deficiency or water logging. However yellowing of the lowest leaves is natural prior to their removal.

This is a professional concentrated ‘slow release fertiliser’ specifically formulated for the annual fertilisation of Palm trees. It should be applied just once a year in spring or early summer and a single application lasts throughout the growing season with the next application due the following spring. Watering carries nutrients released through roots.

The fertiliser pellets release more nutrients in hot weather when the plant is actively growing and reduce when cold thus meeting the nutrient requirements of the plant.

Because fertiliser application is required just once annually, it is considerably less labour intensive than liquid fertilisers which are usually required weekly or twice weekly. This fertiliser may be stored for years by re-sealing the bag and storing in a cool dry place.

This fertiliser comprises: ~N12 P10 K13.5+2.5MgO+te. Caution: Harmful if swallowed, do not inhale, keep out of reach of children & animals. Use only as palm tree fertiliser.

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Application Rate

Calculate the volume of the container in Litres and apply the Palm fertiliser at a rate of 4 grams per Litre of the ‘total compost in the container’. The single 1Kg pack is sufficient for 250 Litres of compost. So for example, a plant in a 50 Litre container will require 200 grams.

Application Technique

Palms usually need re-potting every 2 to 4 years depending on circumstances and species, usually a loam based compost such as John Innes is ideal. The new container should be at least 10cm larger than the old container. Remove the plant from the old container & do not disturb the root ball. Ensure good drainage hole(s) and about 5cm of gravel in the new container with at least 5cm of fresh compost with fertiliser mixed in on top. Place plant roots on this and infill the sides with more compost mixed with fertilizer.

Alternatively, if not re-potting, sprinkle the fertilizer evenly on the surface of the root ball and either work in (without disturbing roots) or bury with fresh compost.

Sometimes it is possible to use a hose to gently wash off the top 2 or 3cm of compost and replace with a fresh top dressing of compost with the fertiliser mixed in.

In the ground palms usually find sufficient nutrients, but if required sprinkle fertiliser immediately over roots within 50 cm of the trunk and work into soil surface.

Whilst every care has been taken in the compilation of this information to assist our clients, no responsibility or liability can be accepted for inaccuracies or its interpretation.

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