Chaemerops Humilis Argentea CHC02


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Also known as Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm, Chamaerops Cerifera, Chamaerops glauca

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Originating in the high Atlas Mountains of North Africa, this is the striking silver-blue variant of Chamaerops humilis whilst its silver colour is similar to that of Brahea armata.


Generally considered to be as hardy as the standard green Chamaerops humilis, a sunny spot with plenty of drainage is the ideal location for this drought tolerant palm. It may be planted outside and a large established plant will endure considerable frost. It is also excellent for conservatories where it is very tolerant of extreme temperatures. Very wind tolerant, it is also suitable for exposed or coastal gardens.

Plant Description

Chamaerops humilis var. argentea is similar to the standard green Chamaerops humilis in all respects except for its striking silver coloured fronds.

In fact, the more heat and sunshine the bluer it will become. As with the standard green Chamaerops humilis it produces suckers from the base which if not removed will produce a mass of beautiful silver leaves down to ground level.


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