Chamearops Humilis (European Fan Palm)

Plant description

Plant Description
Chamaerops humilis is a small and bushy palm with stiff fan-shaped leaves developing in time a coarse hairy trunk.

This attractive palm develops suckers from the base of the trunk providing very dense foliage down to soil level so it is an excellent screening plant and if container grown it can be used as a mobile screen.

In time the suckers will become individual trunks bearing a crown of fronds and new suckers are constantly developing at the base of the trunk. If preferred, the suckers may be removed to grow it as a small single stem palm, this makes it a very versatile palm as the eventual shape, size and density are very controllable.


Chamaerops humilis is an excellent palm for container growing on a terrace or patio.

It may be planted either in sunny or shady area with good drainage. It is cold hardy especially as it matures. It may also be grown in conservatories where it is very tolerant of high temperatures.

Additionally, it withstands strong winds and salt spray making it an ideal palm for coastal gardens.

Our UK-grown plants have already experienced British winter temperatures and are sold with complete root systems having always been grown in containers.


A palm native to Europe and North Africa its name means ‘humble ground bush’ as it is one of the smallest palms.

This palm has been grown almost all throughout the United Kingdom for several decades now and carries the RHS Award of Garden Merit (H4)

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