Butia Capitata (Jelly Palm)

Plant description

Plant Description
Butia capitata is a slow growing palm and initially develops a bulbous trunk. As it matures, the trunk will expand topped by a crown of large, graceful, blue-green fronds which trail delicately at the tips.

This palm has a very symmetrical disposition. As with many palms, its fruit is edible and can be made into an interesting jam or jelly hence its nickname ‘Jelly Palm’.


Butia capitata is considered to be hardy in milder areas and is one of the few feather-leafed palms that may be grown outside in a sunny and well drained spot.

It also an excellent container plant for a terrace or patio. Examples can be seen planted in the ground and happily growing outside in London and on Southsea Common.


Native to Brazil this interesting palm spread throughout South America

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